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By Dan Purkey

Highlight July 12 to 14 on your calendar and attend the annual Lavender Festival on the McKenzie River, featuring the “Bloom on the Farm” and hosted by Carol and Charles (Chuck) Tannenbaum. You will be sure to enjoy the intoxicating “herb of relaxation,” the essential scented soaps, oils and sprays; and can also explore culinary treats, crafts, music and more!

The McKenzie River Lavender Farm was created and is being nurtured by a remarkable lady, Carol Tannenbaum. Born in Georgia, raised in Alabama and educated at Auburn and Duke with advanced degrees in chemistry, Carol found her way from North Carolina and the Southern California working for the Edison Company. After her marriage to Charles (a retired ophthalmologist) the couple set their focus on finding a place for fly fishing and “four seasons!” The journey led them first to the Siletz River and eventually the McKenzie in 1999.

Upon their arrival, Chuck found fly fishing paradise and Carol was able to take her background and love for gardening to a new height: exploring the lavender!

Among Carol’s passions are promoting lavender education, being an active board member of the Oregon Lavender Association, the Lavender Festival and sharing the beauty of the McKenzie River area by chairing the tourism committee of the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce.

There is much to be gained by attending the Festival, learning about lavender and getting to know this extraordinary lady! See you at the Festival: 40882 McKenzie Hwy. (541) 736-8575.


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