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By Dan Purkey

Water – the “elixir of life” – is one of the most important elements of life on earth. John F. Kennedy once said: “Anyone who can solve the problems of water is worthy of two Nobel prizes – one for peace and one for science.” Consequently, moving water from its source to a pump and into the home (problem solving and equipment installation) and maintaining clean water quality (treatment procedures) are absolutely essential!

When one combines the above-statements with a quote from Ted West: “Customer satisfaction is the key to our success,” you have just described McKenzie Valley Pump (MVP)!

In 1985 Tom and Virginia Wolfe started McKenzie Valley Pump at McKenzie Bridge. During those initial years, Ted and Leslie West were residing in San Louis Obispo County.

Ted and Leslie fell in love over 35 years ago while folk dancing and contra dancing! Ted was a landscape contractor and Leslie was a primary care nurse practitioner. In addition to dancing, they share a common love for the outdoors (gardening, kayaking, hiking, cycling and more); so when McKenzie River Clinic wanted Leslie to be their nurse practitioner, they headed for the McKenzie River! After arriving in 1990, they bought McKenzie Valley Pump and a year or two later moved the business to its present location off  Goodpasture Road in Vida.

Since those beginning years, MVP has continued to grow and expand, with his associate team: Andrew (Son), Mickey, Bill, Ruby and his life-partner – Leslie. Ted and his team understand the importance of hard work and not being afraid to tackle challenging problems! As Dawn Craig stated: “(They)…know their stuff. They installed our pump and complicated water treatment system to fix our dirty water…has worked beautifully for years…they are prompt and professional…”

I encourage you to reach out to them for your needs: Office – 541-896-0453, Regular Hours: Monday – Friday : 8 - 4 p.m.



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