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By Dan Purkey

The secret of long term success is customer service and loving what you do! Let the customer speak: “Love the new ownership….Miss Ronda … is great and she’s hired some really friendly staff. Great place to stop for the really good coffees (incredible espresso bar!!) and hot breakfast/lunch items…”

Ronda Maze has been in the family, local market business since age 11! Born in California, but transferred to Eugene at the age of 2 (The family wanted their children to be raised in the NW) she went to Sheldon HS and LCC; but her true business education was in the trenches! After the grandparents (Fircrest Farms) sold out to Foster Farms, her parents bought the Coburg Market in 1987, where Ronda became grounded in the market business. From 2007 to 2010, Ronda’s experience increased as she worked with her family at the Mohawk Store.

After her parents retired, Ronda was able to finally buy the Riverview Market in 2012. With a history that dated back to the 40’s as a gas station and an auto repair, then (briefly) as the River’s Edge, Ronda changed the name to the Riverview Market and Deli.

So what makes Ronda and her team unique? Allow me to share some examples! A drive-up window where you can order everything but alcohol. Open 7 days a week to provide your specialized needs and a staff that will make you feel like family! If there is something that you want to special order, Ronda will do her best to get it for you!

If you are talented at cross-fit or karaoke, you may meet Ronda at a local gym or restaurant; but, if not, I encourage you to meet her and her team at the market: 35286 Camp Creek Road, Springfield  -  541-747-0321 – Monday to Friday (6 am – 9 pm), Saturday (7 am – 9 pm) and Sunday (8am – 8 pm).


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