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Address signs available

Fire district offering new property markers

MCKENZIE BRIDGE: People have probably noticed the large, green reflective address signs on many properties along the McKenzie Highway. While they are very helpful for visitors unfamiliar with the area, they're even more important for emergency responders to arrive on site quickly.

The Upper McKenzie Rural Fire District Public Education Division is now creating new signs for people who don't have one or had one destroyed in the Holiday Farm Fire. Residents of the rural fire protection district are encouraging the use of the reflective signs when placed as visibly as possible at the entry to properties.

The cost is $20 per sign. People have an option to order a post to mount a sign on or they can use an existing post.

The signs are double-sided, making them visible to traffic going both directions. Fire officials note that having one of the signs will make it easier and faster for fire department personnel to locate properties when responding to a fire or medical emergency.

For more information, contact the Upper McKenzie Rural Fire Department, 56578 McKenzie Hwy, McKenzie Bridge, Oregon 97413-9617 (503) 822-3479 or online at:


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