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Emergency fishing regulations

ODFW has implemented emergency fishing regulations throughout the state to help protect fish during hot, dry weather.

Fishing tips for beating the heat

Get up early. Fish early in the morning when water temperatures are cooler and fish are more active. You might also beat the swimmers, kayakers, paddle boarders, sailors, water skiers and others that might get in your way.

Go higher. Lakes at higher elevations should be cooler than those on the valley floors. This is a great time of year to fish some of the hike-in lakes.

Fish the headwaters. Water temperatures usually cool the higher you go in a river system. Elevations are higher, and streams are small – and more easily shaded by overhanging vegetation.

Fish deeper. In lakes and ponds, fish will head to deeper, cooler waters. In rivers and streams, look for deeper pools to fish.

Be sure to check the “Regulation updates” section:


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