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November 18, 2021 | View PDF

Significant reforms in areas like healthcare and environmental protection will be impossible to achieve until big money is removed from Oregon politics. Despite the fact that voters supported Measure 107 and it was declared constitutional, the legislature has yet to impose any limits. Campaign finance reform is needed to ensure that our elected officials are representing the interests of the people who elected them, not the interests of wealthy individuals and businesses who gave large sums of money to their campaigns. Patrick Starns has made it one of his primary priorities. Billionaires will be able to buy our democracy if campaign finance reform is not implemented. Because they have so much money, billionaires support politicians and groups. Bribing corrupt politicians with significant sums of money is a simple way for affluent climate change opponents to get control of the situation. As a result, the politician’s prospects of being elected and passing climate-discriminatory legislation have improved. They rig elections and destroy popular legislation in Congress, causing global catastrophe. It’s completely repulsive. Patrick Starns, as Governor of Oregon, can work with legislators like Peter DeFazio to end big money in politics, allowing Oregonians to raise their children in a beautiful, safe environment. As a result, I’ll be campaigning alongside Patrick Starns for Governor of Oregon in 2022.

Devon Lawson



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