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Corps airs options for dams

PORTLAND: Engineers and planners are considering major changes that may impact the continued operations and maintenance of the 13 dams in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Willamette Valley System.

As part of developing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the Corps is planning a virtual information session. Prior to the meetings, people can view a virtual room, which contains videos, digital boards, slides and maps that describe the purpose of the EIS and the National Environmental Policy Act. Additionally, the materials lay out the purpose of the EIS as well as the alternatives.

The virtual session is scheduled for Wednesday, January 19th, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at

Officials say the information session and the virtual room are not a forum for public comment, but the Corps will be seeking public comment on the draft EIS in the fall 2022.

The upcoming meeting was designed to present information that will provide a snapshot in time and will summarize the process the Corps has gone through to identify alternative ways of operating and maintaining the Willamette Valley dams, while meeting ESA requirements.

During the process, the Corps will analyze a broad range of alternatives, including:

• High-value structural options

• Floating fish facilities

• Temperature control towers

• Operations, which may be impactful for some authorized purposes

• Water release through diversion tunnel, regulating outlets, delayed refills or spillways, which could affect recreation and water supplies

• Water temperature (quality)

• A combination of the structures and operations.


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