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She moved from Canada to the United States. Then Airbnb banned her

Jannick Vielleuse moved from Canada to the United States. Somewhere along the way, Airbnb banned her. How can she get unbanned?

I'm locked out of my Airbnb account. I saw an article where you helped someone with a similar issue and hoped you could help me.

I moved from Canada to the United States in 2015 and have changed my number two times since then. My move was initially temporary, but I became a permanent resident in 2021.

I tried to reset my password but I couldn’t do it through the automated system because the phone number attached to my account was no longer my current number.

I recently tried to log in again and was denied access saying that my account had been removed. I then emailed Airbnb to ask for more information and they responded that I was not allowed on Airbnb anymore because of something associated with my email and location, but they could not give me more info due to issues with confidentiality.

I then called and a representative said the case was under review. I then got an email back a few days later saying that my case had been reviewed and that I could not regain access. They said that I was affiliated with someone who is not allowed to use Airbnb.

I have no clue what they are referring to and they are giving me no information to go by. All of my previous bookings, when I could access my account, had very positive reviews.

I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m wondering if my account was hacked. But how would I even know? Can they give me more information? Can I rejoin Airbnb under a different email? It’s all so confusing, I would really appreciate your help!

Jannick Vielleuse, Westford, Vt.

Airbnb should have helped you access your account. And if it couldn't, it should have at least told you why.

I reached out to Airbnb on your behalf, and I can confirm that moving to the United States had nothing to do with your account being frozen.

The emails you got about someone being associated with your account are a clue about the real cause of your suspension. But Airbnb won't go on the record to say who you were associated with or why that would lead to the termination of your account.

We've had numerous cases involving a suspended Airbnb account, and the explanations are always exceptionally vague. That's understandable, because if Airbnb offered too many details, it would allow the bad guys to game the system. But it's also frustrating for honest customers like you.

I don't know if someone hacked your account, and neither does Airbnb. You would need a computer forensics expert to tell. You can, however, sign up for Airbnb under a different email. I did that a few years ago when a host decided to leave a negative review about me.

If Airbnb suspends your account, you can always contact an executive at Airbnb. I list their names, numbers and email addresses on my consumer advocacy site,

You reached out to the executives, and they restored your account. I asked Airbnb to reveal what it could about your suspension.

"Airbnb reviewed her account information which showed she was connected to a user who had been removed from the platform for violating our safety policies," a spokesman told me. "We maintain an appeal process for these types of account removals, and upon further review we were able to reinstate her account. We hope to earn her future business.”

Christopher Elliott is the chief advocacy officer for Elliott Advocacy. Email him at [email protected] or get help with any consumer problem by contacting him at

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