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I want a refund for my Samsung electric stove. Why can't I get one?

John Hudson's Samsung electric stove doesn't work. And Samsung can't diagnose the problem. Does he deserve a refund?

QI have a problem with my Samsung electric stove, and I hope you can help me.

The stove doesn't work. I contacted Samsung. The company sent a technician to my condo several times.

One of the technicians said he could find nothing wrong with the stove. But after two more visits and attempted repairs, Samsung contacted me to say it would offer an "accommodation."

But I just received an email from Samsung that says, "Unfortunately, Samsung will not be able to accommodate your request for a refund since the technician found no defect in the unit." It offered yet another repair.

Samsung has repeatedly flip-flopped. I have done everything the company has asked me to do. But this last visit by a technician is the last straw. If it didn't work after three visits, how will it work after four?

When I asked Samsung if I would get a refund if the oven still didn't work after the fourth visit, the company refused to answer. I want a refund for my faulty stove. I recently sold my condo and had to replace the range. Can you help me?

John Hudson, Scottsdale, Ariz.

It appears your Samsung electric stove was under warranty, so the company should have either fixed it or refunded your money. Samsung offers a limited one-year warranty on its ranges, and covers glass cooktops for a year. On some units, it offers five years of warranty coverage.

But like other appliance manufacturers, Samsung gets to decide how to honor its warranties. Will it repair, replace or refund? In my experience, appliance companies will always try to do a repair because it's the least expensive option. I've had cases where the company attempts several repairs before moving on to the next option.

Not surprisingly, Samsung didn't want to offer a refund.

I've reviewed the paper trail of correspondence between you and Samsung. In it, the company repeatedly tries to address your problem while offering vague concessions. Again, that's par for the course. If Samsung had made a specific promise in writing, it would be bound to honor its word.

You can find Samsung's executive contacts on my consumer advocacy site, It looks like you tried to escalate your case to one of them, but they continued to insist on a fourth repair -- even though you had already discarded the electric range and sold the condo. I wonder if anyone bothered to even read your emails

I contacted Samsung on your behalf. A representative phoned you and agreed to refund the purchase price of the appliance.

Christopher Elliott is the chief advocacy officer for Elliott Advocacy. Email him at [email protected] or get help with any consumer problem by contacting him at

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