Make the McKenzie Connection!

OSP Reports - Sept. 1

Aug. 25: 14:29: Fish & Wildlife, Angling – McKenzie River below Leaburg Dam. Trooper observed an angler fighting a salmon, As it grew tired trooper could see it was coming in sideways, a clear indicator that the salmon was snagged. As the angler prepared to land the salmon trooper could see the white Malibu jig in the side of the salmon near the belly. The salmon was then landed and the angler offered it to a bystander. The bystander accepted the unlawfully landed salmon and began to leave. The trooper returned to his truck and began to drive back to the highway. As he crossed the dam the trooper could see the bystander leaving the parking area and head west on the highway. The trooper was able to overtake the vehicle and get it stopped. The salmon was recovered and returned to the dam. The trooper contacted the angler who had snagged the salmon and recognized him from previous contacts. The angler lied and told the trooper he had not caught any salmon. He was violation cited for the take/possession of foul hooked fish (snagged) and no written record of transfer. The angler’s pole and salmon were seized and entered as evidence at the Springfield Patrol Office. Involved: 20-year-old male from Eugene.

Aug. 27: 21:45: Hit & Run – Hwy. 126E, Milepost 36. Dispatched to a hit & run. A Honda sedan struck a guardrail and a curve sign. It left the scene and parked at Mp. 35. The occupants then left the vehicle. Follow up is being conducted to locate the driver. Involved: gray Honda Accord.


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