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My Samsung dishwasher stopped working again. Can I get a refund?

Jason Blanke's Samsung dishwasher stops working after less than three years. And Samsung can't seem to repair it. Can he get an exchange or a refund?

My Samsung dishwasher, which is less than three years old, recently started to leak and would not operate.

I called Samsung, and although the dishwasher is out of warranty, they agreed to cover any parts needed so long as I pay for the $200 service call. I agreed.

A Samsung technician came to my home and replaced a part. However, after a couple of weeks, the dishwasher stopped working again.

A technician returned, inspected the appliance, and told me the dishwasher needed "a few additional parts." He said he would come back to install them.

But nobody came. When I called the service company handling the installation, a representative said Samsung had canceled the service call. Samsung said they could not get the parts.

I then asked to be transferred to the department handling exchanges. A representative told me Samsung couldn't exchange the dishwasher because it was out of warranty.

I am demanding Samsung give me a refund or exchange. I agreed to pay for the service call because they agreed to cover the parts. Otherwise, I would have just bought a new dishwasher. Can you help me?

Jason Blanke, Parsippany, N.J.

Your dishwasher shouldn't have broken down after just three years. The average dishwasher lasts about a decade, with some minor repairs needed after five years. Even though your Samsung appliance was out of warranty, the company should have found a way to get you a working dishwasher quickly.

When you notified Samsung that the dishwasher broke again, it should have kept you posted on the parts instead of canceling your service visit without telling you.

Technically, Samsung is right. Your dishwasher is out of warranty, and the company owes you nothing. It repaired your dishwasher as agreed and had it working, and then the appliance broke again. Samsung has no liability.

But you don't have to be a consumer advocate to look at this situation and know that it's wrong. The dishwasher should have lasted longer than three years. The repair you paid for should have given you another eight years of life on the appliance -- not a few weeks. Who cares what the warranty says?

A brief, polite email to one of the Samsung executives I list on my consumer advocacy site might have convinced the company to help. I also publish a few exclusive strategies on how to fix a consumer problem that might be helpful.

I contacted Samsung on your behalf. A representative reached out to you and agreed to refund the $700 you paid for your ailing dishwasher.

Christopher Elliott is the chief advocacy officer for Elliott Advocacy. Email him at [email protected] or get help with any consumer problem by contacting him at

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