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Outdoor burning banned

Increased fire risk causes early closure

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) decided that dry conditions and an escalating fire danger were required an early closure of the 2023 outdoor burning season. In normal years, outdoor burning would be allowed until June 15th. This year it ended on June 2nd.

“Given the current conditions, the only way to mitigate fire risk without relying on weather changes is through our actions,” said Travis Knudsen, the Public Affairs Manager for LRAPA. “That’s why the Fire Defense Board and ODF (Oregon Dept. of Forestry) are closing the season.”

The fall open burning season is set to begin on October 1st. Any changes to that date due to fire risk will be announced by the Lane County Fire Defense Board.

To stay updated on the burning season status, visit, or call the LRAPA daily open burning advisory line at 541-726-3976. Coastal residents may reach out at 541-997-1757.

For further information about the decision and fire danger, please contact Lane Fire Defense Board’s Chief Chad Minter at 541-686-1573.


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