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Water might get muddy

Turbidity could come from Finn Rock Reach

FINN ROCK: Phase II of the Floodplain Enhancement Project in the Finn Rock Reach is now underway. It is designed to enhance habitat conditions across more than 80 acres adjacent to the McKenzie River by restoring historic floodplain connections between the main stem stream and Elk Creek. The new project adds to Phase I work completed in 2021 that reconnected more than 50 acres of floodplain.

Beginning around Thursday, contractors will temporarily reroute a section of Elk Creek into a diversion channel. That bypass moves water away from the new work zone and returns it to the Phase I project area. According to the McKenzie River Trust, Phase II project activities, including the diversion, are planned to continue until no later than August 30th.

Project managers expect that the initial diversion may cause some short-term turbidity in the McKenzie River immediately downstream from the project area - located near river mile 56. Minimal turbidity impacts were seen during Phase I implementation in 2021 and project managers say people can expect to see similar impacts this year.

Crews will take several steps to minimize downstream turbidity impacts. The diversion is planned to take place over several days, beginning around July 20th. According to a McKenzie Trust spokesman, the slow drawdown of the water levels in the project prior to the full diversion will allow for natural fish escapement prior to fish salvage operations within the project area.

For more information, contact the McKenzie River Trust office at (541) 345-2799 or email [email protected].


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