Make the McKenzie Connection!

Ridin' the Rapids

“The longest-running newspaper in southern California has ceased publication after filing for bankruptcy.” That email is part of a depressing trend as the United States continues to see newspapers die at the rate of two per week, according to another report on the state of local news.

News “deserts” are growing. It’s estimated that some 70 million Americans live in a county with either no local news organization or only one.

Locally, though, I hope you’ve been enjoying the work of Mc-Kenzie River Reflections. Thanks to our wonderful businesses and community of readers who offer financial support, this newspaper will continue to focus on reporting the issues that impact the McKenzie River area.

In responses to a recent Survey Monkey questionnaire people used one word more than any other to describe what they liked best about this newspaper. It was “Local” in many different variations like: “Local news, and happenings and information, Local coverage we can’t get anywhere else, Local content, Local pertinent news, Local with focus on the River entirely, and Real local news” - plus many more responses using that same word.

Asked for suggestions, plenty of readers said they still wished they could have continued to receive a printed version in the mail, but an overwhelming 94% said they would recommend the digital e.Edition of McKenzie River Re-flections to other people.

One subscriber they were concerned if “there are enough resources to maintain and grow the paper after COVID, and the fire, and now the protracted recovery.” But another took a look under the hood to observe that “Over the past year or so it is obvious that you are working hard to improve the Riv-Ref and it shows. You have a tough job and your efforts are appreciated especially with the Reg-Guard going down the tube.”

For those that haven’t yet, I hope you’ll join that special core of readers by subscribing today.

You’ll get full access to all reporting - and with the e.Edition, an issue full of visual journalism and long-form writing assembled to cover news that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

And to the subscriber who suggested it, I’m working on giving your idea a try: “Clone Ken.”


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