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OSP Reports - July 27

July 19: 09:01: Towed Vehicle, Abandoned/Hazard – Hwy. 126 E, Milepost 47. Located a vehicle that was pulled off on the eastbound side of the highway. The vehicle was only a few inches from the fog line creating a hazard. ODOT maintenance crew had placed cones behind the vehicle in an attempt to increase visibility due to it being so close to the fog line. Trooper requested dispatch to send a tow for the vehicle due to it being a hazard and appeared to be abandoned. Tow responded and retrieved the vehicle. Involved: silver/aluminum BMW X5.

July 20: 16:31: Crash, Injury – Hwy. 126E, Mp. 34. A light green Subaru Forester was attempting to make a right-hand turn into a driveway when they were struck from behind by a silver F-150. The crash pushed both vehicles into the property of a nearby residence. The driver of the F-150 was transported with suspected minor injuries. The other occupants of the crash were uninjured and did not need medical attention. Tow responded to remove the vehicles from the scene. Involved: 40-year-old female from Blue River and 51-year-old male.


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