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Bottle Boys add to Park rebound

BLUE RIVER: The Bottle Boys have stepped up to provide a generous donation to support the much-needed maintenance and mowing of the Blue River Park grounds. As soon as the fire restrictions ease up, the park will be mowed and weeded, thanks to the kind contribution from the Bottles Boys.

Over the past year, the park district has been working on a Wildfire Recovery Master Plan, taking into account feedback gathered from surveys. The Overall Plan, with assistance from the National Park Service and Kerry Landford, has been completed. Details are posted on the park’s official website,, under the section “Latest Plans.”

In addition, park officials have taken steps to enhance the site’s natural beauty and rejuvenate its environment. 1,800 new plants have been planted along the riparian area to create a vibrant and eco-friendly atmosphere. Other work included clearing the back 4 acres of Scotch Broom and small burnt trees, while on the East side, overgrown blackberries have now been mowed.

People entering the park can use a gravel parking lot on their way to the tennis court, a cherished feature, that has been given a thorough cleaning. And there’s good news for travelers too, because a new RV rental spot has been constructed to contribute toward a dedicated maintenance fund.

To support the overall project management and funding, the Park District has been actively collaborating with Lane County. This collaboration bore fruit when the park was awarded a $70,000 grant, for the installation of much-needed restrooms in the park next spring.

Park district treasurer Tony Casad said “board is brimming with enthusiasm over the remarkable progress achieved so far, and they are eagerly looking forward to the park’s successful recovery and transformation. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support and selflessness of volunteers and donors like the Blue River Bottles Boys. Their dedication to the welfare of the community and the park is truly commendable.”

People who share the same passion for preserving and enhancing Blue River Park can make a contribution on the park’s website, along with other opportunities to get involved.

“Together, we can continue to nurture and safeguard this cherished haven for future generations to come.,” Casad said. “Let’s unite and celebrate the spirit of the McKenzie community, making Blue River Park a symbol of resilience and generosity.”


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