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Rockin' out in Leaburg

The geology program, “OREGON ROCKS,” held last Saturday at the McKenzie Fire and Rescue’s Community Room in Leaburg, drew close to 40 people, half of them children. It was offered by the Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon, and sponsored by the Leaburg Library.

It was an excellent program, expertly presented by Kali, a junior at U of O, majoring in geology. She had those kids in the palm of her hand as she explained and demonstrated what makes Oregon tick – geologically speaking that is.

Everyone was totally immersed in the presentation, they all loved the displays which were interactive, and the Rock Cycle game was really fun as well as educational. The kids got to take home some souvenirs which they made at each of the display tables.

Folks left wondering when we will have the next program!

We do plan to offer another of the Museum’s programs in January. This one will be about dinosaurs, so watch for the announcement on our website at for information on this and other programs at the library.

We’ll see you soon!


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