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OSP Report - Sept. 21

Sept. 13: 15:54: Crash, Hit & Run – Hwy. 126E, Milepost 17. Reporting party, who is the driver of a brown Subaru, stated while stopping for a school bus with its flashers on, a white Ford Bronco rear-ended their Subaru. The driver of the Subaru pulled off the roadway into a driveway. The Bronco left the scene, heading west towards Springfield. The driver of the Subaru advised she was leaving the area and wanting to meet with a trooper. The Subaru sustained damage to the rear door hatch and bumper. The driver and passenger gave a detailed description of the white Bronco. Driver of the Subaru advised of neck pain and requested EMS. EMRS cleared the driver. Trooper checked the area of crash and found debris on the roadway. Pictures were taken of the original crash scene. Both driver and passenger were wearing their seatbelts. No airbags deployed. This is an ongoing investigation. Involved: 23-year-old male and 45-year-old female from McKenzie Bridge.

Sept. 16: 19:09: Suspicious Activity. Hwy. 126E, MP. 27. While driving, an unknown object hit the windshield of a Subaru near the windshield wiper and then the object hit the windshield. A second large chip/puncture type spot was located in the windshield near the lower driver corner. A total of one chip and two larger chunks were taken out of the windshield. It did not experience full penetration by the object. The origin of the object or what the object was is unknown. The reporting party was provided a case number and the call documented in event like or similar incidents are reported.


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