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New plans for Blue River Drive

Public input sought for town’s “Main Street”

BLUE RIVER: Lane County Public Works is asking people to weigh in on the latest designs for Blue River Drive. Details of the proposals include a multi-use path for walking and biking for the section of roadway west of downtown. In the business district, plans show sidewalks and parallel parking on both sides of the street for two blocks,along with a “parking pocket” closer to the bridge that crosses Blue River.

In previous proposals, the county asked people to comment on things they both favored and would oppose if changes were made. Gaining favor were things like a 20 mph speed zone throufg downtown and pedestrian-activated flashing beacons.

Others were opposed to head-in parking that could result in more damage from doors slamming into adjoining vehicles or bringing back benches which they felt in the past had attracted smokers and drinkers “to sit there all day.”

Becky Taylor, a senior Transportation Planner with Lane County Public Works says she’s working on scheduling another community meeting to discuss the plans. In the meantime, she can be reached at [email protected] or 541-682-6932.


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