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Letter to the Editor

In the spirit of Thanksgiving

The Bottle Boys “Dime at a Time” program has gifted McKenzie Fire & Rescue with a $500 donation for the Life Jacket Lending Program.

McKenzie Fire & Rescue began the Life Jacket Lending Program in 2000 following a tragic incident and have since partnered with the McKenzie River Guides to ensure life jackets are available at no charge for daily use on the McKenzie River. Life jackets are distributed in the Spring to businesses in the McKenzie Valley, where they remain during the summer months. People enjoying the recreational value of the McKenzie River can pick up a life jacket on any given day at any of these businesses during the summer months and are asked to return it so that someone else may also benefit from the use.

Life jackets are then picked up in the fall, inventoried and cleaned, replaced as needed, then stored for use the following year.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Bottle Boys for this donation to our Life Jacket Lending Program and will use it for the purchase of new lifejackets.

McKenzie Fire & Rescue


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