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OSP Report - Dec. 28

Dec. 19: 15:18: Crash, Non-Injury – Hwy. 126 E, Milepost 14. Unit #1, a Ford F-150, was reported to have been tailgating Unit #2, a Mazda CX-5. The driver of Unit #$2 reported at the beginning of a passing lane, Unit #1 sped up into the B-lane to pas and hit Unit #2’s passenger side mirror and kept going at a high rate of speed. Trooper contacted the driver of Unit #1 at his residence and he advised he was traveling approximately 65 mph as he was passing Unit #2. He passed Unit #2 in the B-lane because it appeared they were going to stay in the A-lane. The driver of Unit #1 stated he saw Unit #2 veer over but did not realize they hit vehicles until he arrived home. The damage to Unit #1 was on the rear driver side on the bed of the pickup. None of the occupants of the vehicles were injured. Involved: white Ford F-350, blue Mazda CX-5, 47-year-old male, 32-year-old female, both from Eugene.

Dec. 20: 10:40: Towed Vehicle, Abandoned/Hazard – Hwy. 126E, Mp. 43.5. On Sunday, December 17, an abandoned vehicle was tagged to be removed. On Monday, December 18, a caller reported some suspicious males were loading the vehicle unto a car trailer and the vehicle did not have any markings to relate it to a registered tow company. Trooper responded and identified the two males, one of which was the owner of a tow company, and they said they were picking up the vehicle upon the request by the owner. The owner of the tow company later called to advise the male who requested the tow was not the registered owner and made it unclear why the tow request was made. On Wednesday, December 20, the owner of the vehicle (not the registered owner) called to report the vehicle was no longer at the mentioned location. A stolen vehicle report was unable to be taken due to the owner not having the proper documentation. He was provided the case number for the incident when the vehicle was removed and the phone number and the name of the tow company who has his vehicle. Involved vehicle: gray Chrysler 300.

Dec. 23: 11:20: Crash, Injury – Hwy. 126E, McKenzie Bridge. A silver Toyota Tacoma was traveling westbound when it lost control and slid into the ditch on the north side of the road. The Toyota’s front end dug into the dirt, tripped, and rolled at least once before coming to rest upside down in the ditch. The operator was able to self-extract and wait for arriving medical personnel. The operator was transported to the hospital for evaluation. The Toyota also had a dog and a cat in the vehicle. Both seemed uninjured and were secured with a roommate. The vehicle was towed. Involved: 28-year-old female.


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