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TRAVEL TROUBLESHOOTER suspended my account. Can you help me get it back?

After discovering two fraudulent reservations, suspends David Hendrick's account. How can he get it reinstated?

I write to express my disappointment and distress with my recent experiences at I travel frequently, as do my wife and family. I always recommend, and we all use it almost exclusively.

Recently, while traveling, I discovered two fraudulent attempts to make bookings on my account. I canceled them immediately, contacted customer service, and a representative told me to change my password. I did this, and yet the next time I tried to log in using my email address, I received a message that my account had been disabled.

I contacted customer service. A representative assured me the company was investigating the problem and that I should set up a new account and import my existing bookings.

I did this, but when I contacted, a representative told me I couldn't import my existing bookings. Now I have another problem: I can't reactivate my old account because I have too many cancellations. The only cancellations in recent history were the two fraudulent ones.

I feel like I am being punished for reporting fraudulent behavior. Can you help me get my account reinstated?

David Hendrick, Charlottesville, Va. should have fixed your account without making you set up a new one, and transfer your existing reservations. And if a agent told you to do that, they should have also helped you restore your account.

But that's difficult. You can ask for the agent's name and extension, but often the agent will only offer a first name, which makes it hard to find the person again. (You had part of the conversation in writing with a representative named "Ahmed M." How do you contact Ahmed M.? Who knows. There's no direct phone number or email for him.)

It looks like something went wrong -- very wrong -- with your account. First, someone gained access to your personal information and made fraudulent bookings. But then flagged your account for fraud after you reported the bogus bookings. And then, adding insult to injury, it wouldn't help you fix it and instead effectively ban you.

You needed to appeal this above the chatbot level at A human being needs to review your case and figure out a way to fix it. I publish the names, numbers, and email addresses of those humans at on my consumer advocacy site, You could have reached out to them. I would recommend doing so in writing and using my proven methods for fixing a consumer problem.

You asked my advocacy team for help, and after we reviewed your case, I reached out to According to the company, it was a combination of your booking history and the fraudulent bookings that triggered the review of your account. disabled your account "to ensure your security" and told you to create a new one. However, it ran into trouble when you tried to transfer your loyalty status and points to the new account.

After I asked for help, the company worked with you to find a way to secure your account.

Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that helps consumers solve their problems. Email him at [email protected] or get help by contacting him on his site.

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