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MCKENZIE BRIDGE: People had an opportunity to learn more about the capabilities of how a GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) system could benefit the local area at last week’s Coffee with the Locals at the McKenzie Bridge General Store.

Topics covered during a presentation by McKenzie Community Communications (MCC) included how people with handheld radios could communicate within a neighborhood to check on conditions during emergencies. Those neighborhoods were envisioned as “probably” within a mile of each other, depending on the surrounding terrain.

While a valid FCC (Federal Communications Commission) license is necessary to legally operate a GMRS radio, there are no tests required to obtain a GMRS license. One license covers a family (regardless of age for 10 years), is valid for 10 years, and costs $35.

Similar to walkie-talkies, the FCC rules were set up for general public use, often for recreation outings like camping, hiking, or fishing. They can operate in wooded environments, and around town.

The MCC is asking people interested in learning more about GMRS radios to contact them at: Although people will have to purchase their own FCC license, the MCC can arrange free radios to loan to people who can’t afford to purchase one.


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