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Four districts responded to house fire

Solar backup battery packs resparked flames in the structure’s attic

VIDA: Firefighting crews that arrived at a house fire last Thursday night found smoke that was already showing at the back of the home at 45767 McKenzie Highway was rapidly intensifying from openings in the roof. A caller, who reported the incident around 6:15 p.m. advised the structure contained three 800-watt lithium battery packs.

More than 30 responders along with 14 apparatus were on the scene to fight the fire. Backup for McKenzie Fire personnel came from Eugene-Springfield Fire, Mohawk Rural Valley Fire District, and the Upper McKenzie Fire District. They were able initially to quickly knock down the fire.

McKenzie Fire & Rescue personnel remained on the scene dealing with the reignition of a large lithium battery pack that was damaged during the fire. Crews were eventually able to remove the battery from the house and submerge it in a water tank to prevent any further flare-ups.

Officials report the cause of the fire is under investigation by the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office.


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