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Student launches bid for board seat

Seventeen year old tosses his hat into the 2025 election cycle

FINN ROCK: A member of McKenzie High School’s junior class says he’d like to have a larger role in the education he’s receiving. Devon Lawson, a student leader within the district, has decided to launch an early candidacy for School Board Position #6 in the 2025 election.

The seat is currently held by Tim Halloran, who was voted onto the board again in 2023. He’s also served as board chair in the past and was recently highlighted in a School Board Appreciation Month posting that cited his “dedication to helping define the school vision for student and staff growth, along with identifying the needs of our families.”

Lawson says he’s committed to “high educational standards, unity across the community, and innovative strategies to enhance learning experiences.” He also says he aims to unite parents, teachers, and students “in fostering an educational environment that excels in preparing students for the challenges ahead.”

At the heart of Lawson’s campaign are key commitments: raising educational standards, ensuring inclusivity while respecting diversity, and adopting innovative teaching practices to equip students for the future.

In addition, Lawson says his campaign is rallying community support for “a new vision of education - one that embraces collaboration, dedication, and innovation to inspire tomorrow’s leaders today.”

For further details on his campaign or to learn more go to: [email protected] while Lawson’s official campaign website is under construction.


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