Make the McKenzie Connection!

River channel open again

BLUE RIVER: Trees that drifted into the main channel of the McKenzie River in January generated warnings for boaters to stay away from an area located about one mile below Brukart Landing. The entrance to a small side channel of the river to the south was also blocked with trees.

Since then, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, McKenzie River Guides, and other boaters have advised people to avoid the area until the hazard can be mitigated because there were no safe routes - other than portaging (exiting the river) - to bypass the hazard.

This week the McKenzie River Ranger District reported their crew, worked with the Lane County Sheriff’s Marine Patrol. had cut and cleared the long-standing log jam. After multiple cuts and joint clearing attempts, the log jam washed away and is now cleared for boaters.

Officials are reminding rivergoers that snow melt in the springtime can bring increased debris flow down the river, especially in fire-burned areas. They recommend checking the Oregon Boating Obstruction web page at Boating Obstruction Reporting Tools (; and, always scout the route in advance.


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