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Letter to the Editor

On behalf of McKenzie Community Track and Field I (Cliff Richardson), I would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all the volunteers who worked the two Track meets this past week. Your commitment to our youth and those from other communities helped put a cap on the 2024 Track Season at our beautiful Aaron and Marie Jones Community Track. Many of the visiting teams, their fans, and coaches thanked and appreciated the work you all accomplished. Our 2024 Track Season at the Aaron and Marie Jones Community Track has been declared a success, and that can be attributed directly to all of you who dedicated your time and efforts. This past week, the following folks volunteered (and I apologize upfront if I missed listing any folks. You are no less appreciated).

Members of the MCTF Board of Directors: Tim Hooten, Pete Petty, Melanie Brite, Monty Wilson, and Cliff Richardson. McKenzie High School: Fred Heins, Jack Devereaux, Brad Ill. Community: Brent Weiss, Megan Weiss, Allen Acevedo, Sandra Acevedo, Veronique Loggins, Doug Fairrington, John Carlisle, Dan Willis, Sharon Zook, Bill Schaefers, Elaine Bryson, Steve Birskovich, Connie Richardson, Lorinda Marcy, Melissa Norlund, Aaron Norlund, Bob Wilson, Jane Wilson, Lisa Keevers, Vinnie Fulton, Neal Barrett, Kayte Barrett, Brent Meister, Laurel Meister, Sha Spady, Mandy Jones, Paz RamRoopsingh, Rollin Cummins, Silvia Dion, Jared Taylor, Lane Tompkins, Peter Drake, Ira Munkvold, Morgan Munkvold, Judy Cassad, Dennis Johnson, Chris Dion, Fen Willis, Cyrus Bennett, Ryder Vailes, Allen Acevedo, Salomon Acevedo, Myra Dion, Noah O’Daol, Hayden Harbick, Auden Vailes, Breanna Marino-Kohnin, Lillia Meister, Will Meister, Atom Fetterhoff, William Valtinson, Jacob Peek, Sapana Mitchell-Chavez, Lyla Boydston, TJ Doolin, Jamie Savidge, Adrian (sorry, didn’t get your last name), and Alsea student/athlete Paisley Jacobsen.

Cliff Richardson

Blue River


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