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  • McKenzie River Crossings

    Carl Stephens|Dec 8, 2022

    Reprinted from McKenzie River Reflections August 27, 1982, edition About 1925 a steel bridge was built about 100 yards below the old ferry crossing. When it was finished and the old covered bridge was to be removed, the school was dismissed at Walterville. The teacher and students all walked down to the river and stood on the new bridge and watched while the county road crews dynamited the covered bridge to smithereens. The covered bridge at "The Narrows" had to be removed the same way. In 1963...

  • McKenzie River Crossings

    Carl Stephens|Dec 1, 2022

    So much of the time we go busily about our everyday life with no thought of how our area got to be the way it is now. I find that most people really take interest in and enjoy the area much more once they learn something about the history behind it. As we go gliding up the McKenzie Highway, how many of us ever give any thought to what this route was like or what traveling it was like, say 100 years ago! I'll not dwell on the road-highway at this time but would like to rap some about the various...

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