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 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    June 10, 2021 

With a few tips and patience, gardeners can grow melons

Growing melons takes some effort in western Oregon, but with the right methods it can end in sweet success. With a warmer, drier climate, eastern Oregon is well set up for cultivating melons. Western...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    June 3, 2021

Save money and help the planetwith sustainable garden practices In a world of increasing cl

In a world of increasing climate change and the invasion of more exotic insects and pests, sustainable gardening is more important than ever. We can all do our part to help by changing our practices ...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    May 20, 2021

Fall in love with colorful, dazzling dahlias

Dahlias are addictive, at least for Julie Huynh Moore, an Oregon State University Master Gardener, who plans to grow 2,000 by the end of May. That's quite an accomplishment for anyone, but...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    May 13, 2021

Choose a lawn mower to fit your needs

Considering the 80 million home lawns in the country, there are a lot of people buying lawn mowers. How you choose between rotary, reel and electric models has to do with your situation and preferences, said Alec Kowalewski, Oregon State University...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    April 29, 2021

Tips and tricks to save water during a hot summer

As the heat ratchets up so does water use, costing homeowners money and doing no favors for the environment. Homeowners can learn to save water and money, however, with help from Oregon WaterWise...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    April 22, 2021

OSU releases new, antioxidant-rich purple tomato The new Oregon

State University-developed tomato Midnight Roma follows in the steps of 10-year-old Indigo Rose, the first antioxidant-rich purple tomato available on the market. Indigo Rose was bred by Jim Myers,...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    April 15, 2021

Picking up baby birds can do more harm than good

After hatching in spring, baby birds sometimes end up on the ground, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they need help. It depends on how old they are, how long they’ve been on the ground and whether they are injured, said Dana Sanchez, Oregon...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    April 8, 2021

Hydroponics: Speed fresh vegetables to the table by growing in water

Ask experienced gardeners what makes their garden grow and they'll come up with the same response: great soil. Good answer, but not the only one. The same crops grown in soil thrive in water, too, as...

 By Kym Pokorny    Garden    March 11, 2021

No room for vegetables? Pot up your plants

Many vegetables grow well in containers located on a patio, porch, balcony or windowsill, so don’t let lack of yard space keep you from gardening this spring and summer. Limited garden space...


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