Earthquake near Walterville


Shallow 4.2 magnitude earthquake near Walterville this morning


14km (9mi) ENE of Springfield, Oregon

19km (12mi) E of Eugene, Oregon

51km (32mi) S of Lebanon, Oregon

63km (39mi) SSE of Corvallis, Oregon

97km (60mi) S of Salem, Oregon

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 4.21

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2015-07-04 08:42:18

Depth (Hypocenter) : 9.889 km

Comments posted on USGS site:

Eugene, OR. - Just a little rattle, not much if any damaga.

Springfield oregon - I was in my room just woke up then the house just shook for like 5 seconds

Springfield - A short 4.2 earthquake hit at 8:42 am (roughly)

Eugene - Very strong shaking things almost falling off walls and furniture. It was very quick but scary. We felt it at 8:50 a.m.

Eugene - Felt like an explosive impact to the west side of the house. No obvious damage. Startling! 2 seconds!

Eugene, OR - No known damage. Two jolts. Like something hitting the side of the house.

eugene - My bed was swaying and the windows rattled. There doesn't seem to be any damage.

Eugene - Whole house shook for a good 10 seconds with weak aftershocks felt for another 60 seconds afterward. House situated on hillside with stilt foundation, so was rocking!

Eugene, OR - Sitting in chair in the morning with family, noticeable shaking occurred for a few seconds. Nothing fell over, pictures on walls did not move (I don't think so, anyway). Cats ran under couch (and kids ran under table, good training 4j).

Springfield, Oregon - I was asleep on the couch and awoke to the whole house shaking for a few seconds.

Monroe - Felt the shake reminded me of living in So Cal

Eugene, OR - Shook the house four or five times

Eugene, OR - Live in a mfg. home on piers, not foundation. Very strong initial shake, jello-like trembling afterward for 1-2 seconds. Blinds rattled, windows shook. No damage we've found yet.

Eugene - I was sitting in front of a large bank of windows. I thought something had crashed on top of the house. Really had the adrenaline pumping!

Eugene OR - Lasted about 6 seconds shook bottom floor of house felt unbalanced

Eugene - At 8:43 a.m. July 4, 2015, felt the apartment building shaking from our second floor apartment. Sitting at table, could feel it from floor up. Big gush of wind, very briefly, outside open windows.

Eugene - Quick shaking and the sound of rattling windows woke me up around 8:40 am. Marathon runners began running up my street at the same time, and seemed unphased, so it probably wasn't strong enough for them to feel while running. No damage that I'm aware of.

Springfield - Shaking enough to open my den doors

Eugene - Got my attention!

Eugene - Felt a strong impact on the west side of the house, lasted maybe 2-3 seconds.

Eugene - In bed and I just felt my whole bed started rocking for about 5 seconds....cant remember ever feeling an earthquake before, kind of scary if ya dont know what it is.

Eugene - Was about to go back to sleep when I felt the jolt, like a semi-truck had just barrelled throughthe cul-de-sac. The dog had no reaction.

Eugene - It was a quick but moderate shake approximately 2 seconds. No property has been damaged.

Springfield Oregon - I was trying to sleep on 2nd floor, and the building started shaking hard enough for a picture to fall off the wall. My neighbors all ran outside.

Springfield - All the windows rattled pretty hard and the animals were pretty freaked out. No damage. My bed really shook hard (which woke me up). It felt like someone was really trying hard to wake me up.

eugene - sitting, felt an unusual sensation of being gently shakendef felt It.Owosso Dr - Woke up from my bed shaking. The whole house was shaking.


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