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Free summer entertainment

Free summer entertainment for the entire family!

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The O’Brien Memorial Library (OBML) in Blue River is offering free summer entertainment for all ages with a diverse selection of books and movies.

Adventure, suspense, western, sci-fi/fantasy, non-fiction, Oregon history and points of interest are examples of book collections at OBML. There is even a section of large print books that covers all themes.

The new Young Adult section, as you enter the Library, has both classic and current themes. The children’s collection has a new section on Science. There are books with facts on weather, the earth, the universe and all types of bugs and animals.

Current DVD’s, talking books and a newly separated section of DVD’s for children, complete the Library’s offering of free entertainment.

There are NO fees or charges at OBML.

We do appreciate financial donations that will continue to sustain this non-profit “Gem of Blue River” for the future. OBML is an independent library and does not receive any federal, state or county funding.

Consider “purchasing” a shelf. For a donation of $75.00, you can honor or remember a person and/or group. An engraved brass plate will be placed on your shelf as a permanent remembrance.

Please send your $75.00 donation to O’Brien Memorial Library for shelf purchase. Include your name, contact phone number as well as the name of the individual or group you want engraved on the brass plate.

All monetary donations are welcome and can be sent to OBML, P.O. Box 291, Blue River, OR 97413.

This wonderful library is open 6 days a week, Mon. – Sat, between 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. with a volunteer on duty to assist you with selections.

Enjoy your summer fun with us!


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