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Fall burning delayed

The fall outdoor burning season is expected to open on Friday, Oct. 13 for many Lane County residents. The season, originally set to start Oct. 1, has been delayed.

The Lane County Fire Defense Board decided to postpone the opening of the season due to the drier weather conditions and heightened fire danger still present in Lane County.

“It has been a very dry summer and the fire dangers have not been reduced enough to open for fall burning yet,” said Lane Regional Air Protection Agency spokesperson, Jo Niehaus. “The Fire Defense Board will assess the opening of the season closely. It is not unusual to delay the start of outdoor burning season especially as we experience very dry summers.”

Outdoor burning, also known as open or backyard burning, allows some Lane County residents to burn dry woody yard debris that was generated on their own residential property. Recent rule changes in the last year include the prohibition of burning on properties less than 2 acres inside the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary.

Lane Regional Air Protection Agency reminds residents that rules differ throughout the county, with some cities banning burning within city limits all together. Violation of outdoor burning rules can result in stiff fines. Residents should call LRAPA’s outdoor burning advisory line at (541)-726-3976 before burning to check eligibility.

Due to the heavy wildfire smoke intrusions this summer, LRAPA encourages residents to explore alternative options to burning. Residents can dispose of woody yard debris for a minimal charge at one of Lane County’s various collection depots. Chipping and composting are also alternative options to burning.

For more information on open burning, visit or call LRAPA at (541) 736-1056 or find us on Facebook and Twitter @LaneRegionalAir.

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