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Man of the Year

Walter Wilson

"I'm amazed at all he does," was how the first vote we received started out. "He's a lot older than I am but I look up to the man as a source of inspiration," it continued.

Like the other award winners this year, "Walt" too has been on the recovery road after his home and beloved Vida McKenzie Community Center burned.

"When you look around you can see him continuing to volunteer with the Bottle Boys, getting the Neighborhood Watch up running again and being part of public meetings," was part of a message left on our phone.

"I know he's busy with all it takes to rebuild his house.," wrote someone else. "Anyone else would step back and would've said they were too busy but Walt is spearheading the Community Center rebuilding too."

Also getting votes for Man of the Year were Tony Casad, Cliff Richardson, Pete Petty, and Rick Wilson.


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