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 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    July 7, 2022

Know what your plants need before fertilizing

In a perfect world, garden plants would feed themselves. As it is, we've got to help them along sometimes. Plants take up nutrients from the soil but when those nutrients are missing, it's time for fe...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 28, 2022

Slug it out with spring's slimy pests

Follow the glistening trail and you'll find the gardener's most familiar, frustrating and certainly slimiest pest, the common slug. It's spring, after all, and as soil temperatures start to climb, slu...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 21, 2022

Be kind to your shrubs when you pick up pruners

You've got clippers in hand, a shrub in mind and a gleam in your eye. It's pruning time. But do you have a plan? Before you clip a stem, know your shrub, said Neil Bell, horticulturist for Oregon...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 14, 2022

Best ways to weed

Unsightly and seemingly uncontrollable, weeds have a way of taking over the garden in the time it takes to put the hoe away. Keeping weeds under control takes time and patience, but the effort is wort...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    April 7, 2022

15 ways to make gardening easier

When it comes time to garden, which is almost every day, 83-year-old Jerry Anderson stretches to warm up his muscles, picks up an ergonomic trowel and settles himself on a bucket in front of one of hi...

 By Kym Pokarny    Garden    March 31, 2022

Pump up your plant knowledge by learning family relationships

Learning to recognize 400,000 species of plants is more than daunting; it's impossible. But making a start by learning how to identify family characteristics can help you manage a healthier garden....


Disease-resistant roses make gardening life easier

Struggling with rose diseases often converts affection to frustration for the millions of gardeners who grow the beloved shrubs. Instead of cursing the big three – black spot, powdery mildew and...


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