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Course offered free of charge thanks to Lane County

McKenzie River startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners are all invited to participate free of charge in the Destination Creation Course, a nationally recognized program for small businesses.

The course will involve two all-day sessions in February and March with breakfast and lunch provided. Funding for the classes, valued at $800, comes from Lane County and RAIN Catalysts.

The Destination Creation Course was developed by internationally renowned business consultant Jon Schallert. Jon’s Destination Business Strategy and has been used around the world by businesses large and small to help them capture more market share - even when larger, better-capitalized competitors seemingly have the advantage. Schallert’s process examines how a business can elevate its unique qualities that a targeted customer finds most important.

In March, RAIN Catalysts hosted a Destination Creation Course in Washington’s Skagit and Island counties. The course was filled to capacity, and the 40 participants reported they had very positive experiences.

“This course gave me so many great detailed and concrete ideas for creative marketing for my business. As a new business owner, I also found it very inspiring and a great opportunity to network,” said Megan Casad, owner of Pegasus Pie Co.

In May, another course was offered in Lane and Benton counties. Nate Conroy, RAIN Catalysts’ Venture Catalyst for Linn and Benton counties said “Intuitively, we all know that modern consumers are often looking for something more than just goods or services; they want to have a unique experience, as well.”

Businesses that can create a unique experience tend to earn and keep more customers, Conroy said. “But how does one do that?” he added. “The Destination Creation Course provides a concrete framework with practical steps for how to creatively market your business to new and valuable customers.”

By applying Schallert’s strategy, businesses can naturally attract more local consumers along with customers from outside their traditional marketplace. Businesses also begin to attract more publicity from the media, which in turn attracts more consumers.

Course topics will include: Becoming a Destination Business, Your Unique Positioning, Your Leadership Responsibility, Targeting Your Most-Profitable Customers, Capturing Consumer and Media Attention, Creating a Customer-Focused, Marketing Your Destination Business, and Collective Marketing.

Space is limited. Learn More & How to Apply Online at: [email protected].


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