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Articles from the May 26, 2022 edition

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  • Body found on Hwy. 242

    May 26, 2022

    SISTERS: On May 21st, Deputies from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a report of a deceased male near the eastern snow gate of Hwy. 242. The corpse had been located by a mushroom hunter around noon. Detectives and a Deputy Medical Examiner from the Deschutes County Medical Examiner's Office arrived on the scene to assist in the investigation. They found no evidence of foul play., according to Sergeant Jayson Janes of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. DCSO is still...

  • "Lifeless" geese aren't dead

    May 26, 2022

    Recently, some people have been wondering why what they thought were dead geese on utility lines weren't decomposing. Instead what they've observed is a Eugene Water & Electric Board program to discourage ospreys from building nests atop power poles that might cause fires or outages, as well as increase electrocution risks for the birds. Birds remain committed to their sites year after year, which utility officials say can lead to very large nests that exceed the weight capacity of the pole and...

  • Snapping turtles are worse than their bite

    May 26, 2022

    Snapping turtles, an invasive species in Oregon, are nesting this time of year and are more likely to be encountered on land which is an opportunity for the public to help out, wildlife officials say. Snapping turtles can harm native turtle populations as well as amphibians, mammals, birds, and fish. Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) wildlife biologists are citing an uptick in reports. Recently, some people have captured some. If a snapping turtle is sighted on land and it can be contained...

  • Getting out & about again

    May 26, 2022

    In a one-two act, people had opportunities to socialize and not have to cook last weekend. Keeping the food coming at the Orchid Medical Clinic's Friday afternoon BBQ was Andy Aldrich, husband of clinic manager Missy Aldich. His grillwork kept a steady flow of burgers and dogs Pasta master for the McKenzie River Locals Helping Locals "Spaghetti Dump" the next day was Devon Thompson, Executive Director at McKenzie Valley Long Term Recovery Group. Attendees brought a quart of their favorite...

  • Fire Season underway on BLM lands

    May 26, 2022

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued special restrictions on all their public lands administered in Oregon and Washington beginning on May 27, until October 31. Prohibitions under the order include: 1. Discharging or using fireworks or pyrotechnic devices. 2. Discharging or using combustible or explosive composition or chemical devices, including but not limited to exploding targets. 3. Discharging or using tracer, explosive, or incendiary ammunition. 4. Discharging steel component (core or jacket) ammunition, except a person with a...

  • Letter to the Editor

    May 26, 2022

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the attendant destruction, deaths, and war crimes against humanity have dramatically changed the status of our world, and It is a wake-up call for Europe to be ready to confront Russia. We are faced with a Russian devil who launches missiles to indiscriminately kill civilians and destroy civilian property. Ukraine needs the capability to destroy Russian missile launching sites. Europe remembers the murders, destruction, and subjugation of WWII, and history is now repeating itself in Ukraine. NATO countries...

  • New programs prioritize investment in rural communities

    May 26, 2022

    With the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law last November—a $1.3 trillion investment in our nation’s infrastructure—major funding is now available to rural communities. These funds can be used to rebuild roads and bridges, invest in high-speed internet access and clean drinking water, and upgrade electric power infrastructure. However, just because these funds are available does not necessarily mean they are accessible. Rural communities often find it difficult to navigate funding opportunities because they lack the capacity to resea...

  • JP Doodles

    Barry McWilliams|May 26, 2022

  • Sheriff's Report - May 26

    May 26, 2022

    May 16: 1:08 a.m: Hit & Run - 39400 blk, Deerhorn Rd. May 17: 9:06 a.m: Truck Inspection - Marcola Rd. Mp. 4. 10:44 a.m: Request Cover - McK. Hwy. Mp. 42. 10:44 a.m: Assist Oregon State Police - 91100 blk, McCauley St. 11:14 a.m: Welfare Check - 91600 blk, Alma Dr. 1:25 p.m: Disoriented Subject - Thurston Rd. & Billings Rd. 2:44 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - 49500 blk, McK. Hwy. 5:20 p.m: Assist, Follow Up - 44500 blk, McK. Hwy. 5:35 p.m: Vicious Animal - 37900 blk, Shenandoah Lp. 6:12 p.m: Disturbance, Dispute - 49900 blk, McK. Hwy. 6:56 p.m:...

  • OSP Report - May 26

    May 26, 2022

    May 19: 12:29: Criminal Mischief – Hwy. 126E, Milepost 9.9. Troopers responded to a Criminal Mischief complaint. CenturyLink employees advised subjects were damaging and attempting to steal phone lines. Damage was observed and tools to complete theft were on private property. Attempts were made to contact property owners. The investigation is pending further information....

  • McKenzie Fire Report - May 26

    May 26, 2022

    May 16: 14:29: 40000 block, Deerhorn Rd. Medical, General. Patient Assessed, No transport. 14:52: Leaburg Lake. Public Assist. 2 people returned to shore. 15:12: 91000 blk, Alma Dr. Mutual Aid Request. Patient Assessed, 1 Transported. May 18: 10:26: McK. Hwy./Deerhorn Rd. Motor Vehicle Accident. Non-Injury/ Blocking. 13:39: 39000 blk, Camp Creek Rd. Public Assist. Lift Assist Only. May 19: 6:54: 49000 blk, McK. Hwy. Medical, General. Patient Refusal. 18:03: 8600 blk, Thurston Rd. Medical, General. Disregarded. May 20: 17:05: 38000 blk, McK....

  • Upper McK. Fire Report - May 26

    May 26, 2022

    May 14: 17:15: Assist Police Dept. - 91000 block, Alma Dr. Female patient. 21:31: Medical – 91000 blk, Horse Creek Rd. Male, Conscious, Breathing. May 9: 15:00: Medical – 91000 blk, Alma Dr. Female, Conscious, Breathing. May 15: 17:13: Motor Vehicle Accident – 51000 blk, Blue River Dr. Scooter ran into parked car. Male, Conscious, Breathing. May 16: 14:54: Medical - 91000 blk, Alma Dr. Female patient. May 18: 22:46: Medical – 55000 blk, McK. River Dr. Female, Conscious, Breathing. May 20: 19:27: Medical – McK. Hwy./Milepost 47. Female ly...

  • Valsetz Star, edited by 9-year-old, won nationwide fame

    Finn J.D. John|May 26, 2022

    If you'd taken a nationwide poll in 1939, asking people from outside Oregon to name as many Oregon towns as they could, the top three would probably be Portland, Salem - and Valsetz. Portland, because it's the biggest, of course. Salem, because it's the state capitol. And Valsetz, because of its newspaper, the Valsetz Star, and the Star's editor, 11-year-old Dorothy Anne Hobson. The 9-year-old editor Dorothy Anne was the daughter of Henry and Ruby Hobson, the cookhouse managers for the tiny...

  • Permaculture: New course encourages sustainability, efficiency

    Kym Pokorny, OSU Extension|May 26, 2022

    As you walk from car to doorway, ripe blueberries wait to be plucked, the fragrance of basil reminds you of the pesto planned for dinner, a small slug meets its end before snacking on the lettuce seedlings. Without knowing it, you're practicing permaculture. And as part of an effort to aid this growing movement, a free new course at Oregon State University this spring may help you learn more. "Part of permaculture is placing elements for efficient management as you move through the garden,"...

  • Direct Answers

    May 26, 2022

    Six months ago I met a certain man through my father. After our introduction we talked, and he told me if I could meet him somewhere, he wanted to tell me something important. I didn't show up because I was afraid. Since then not a moment goes by that I don't think of him. I have seen him a few times, but he acts like he doesn't notice me. I am frustrated because I am falling in love with him. I asked advice from a friend, but she said if he was interested in me, he could have told me a long...


    Christopher Elliott|May 26, 2022

    When Jina Lee cancels a United Airlines flight, the airline promises her a credit. She never gets it. What does the company owe her? I recently canceled a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Porto, Portugal. A system glitch voided the credit and United could not issue another flight credit. I couldn't rebook my flight and had to buy a new ticket. I spent hours on the phone with United, but it offered no solution. They just passed me from one department to the next. Eventually, United...


    Christopher Elliott|May 26, 2022

    Melissa Crespo receives a $2,060 ticket credit when she cancels her flights to Frankfurt. But now her online agency has told her she can only use 25 percent of the credit at a time. Can it do that? I booked three tickets from Charlotte to Frankfurt on American Airlines from Military Fares. I even bought coverage that allowed me to cancel for any reason and receive a refund. I received a $2,060 ticket credit that had to be used within a year. But when I tried to use the credit, a Military Fares r...

  • Frank Engelman|May 26, 2022

    As we age, we tend to forget not only where we leave physical items or upcoming events, but also important memories such as names, past events, and locations. Alexa has a built-in feature called "Remember this" that may prove useful in recovering these memories....

  • Crossword - May 26

    May 26, 2022

    ACROSS 1. Mauritania's neighbor 5. Arrest 8. Daughter of Zeus and Hera 12. Like fist of some rulers 13. Containing limestone 14. *"Misery" Oscar winner 15. Gulf War missile 16. Throat-clearing sound 17. Earp of the Wild West 18. *'58 Plymouth Fury in a Stephen King novel 20. Hole punchers 21. G in SAG 22. Lennon's wife 23. Napoleon's hat 26. Old tree description 30. Ryder Cup team 31. Forecastle, for short 34. Ruptured 35. Harangues 37. Tiny guitar 38. East side of Jersey 39. Brussels' org. 40....

  • STEPHEN KING - Solution

    May 26, 2022

  • Sudoku - May 26

    May 26, 2022

  • Sudoku - May 26 Solution

    May 26, 2022